Daily top ten

Step 1. Get a Notebook or Journal

Get a notebook and keep it with you at all times. Each day write down your 10 most important goals without referring to your previous list and do this day after day.

Several remarkable things will happen when you do it in this format:

  • The first day you write down your list of goals you will have to give it some thought and reflection.
  • The second day, write out your goals without reference to your previous list – it will be a bit easier. However, your 10 goals will change, both in description and order of priority.
  • Sometimes a goal you write one day will not appear the next day. It may even be forgotten and never re-appear again. Or it may appear at a more appropriate time.
  • Each day that you write down your 10 goals, your definitions will become sharper; you will eventually find yourself writing down the same words everyday. Your order of priority may also change as your life changes around you, but over time, after about 30 days you’ll find yourself re-writing the same goals everyday.

After about a month something remarkable will happen – you will feel like a passenger in a jet hurdling down the runway, your work and personal life will begin to improve dramatically, your mind will sparkle with ideas and insights, you’ll start to attract resources into your life that will help you achieve your goals, and you will start to make progress at a rapid rate, sometimes so fast that it will be a little scary.

Everything will begin to change.

Step 2. Special Rules

Here are some special rules that you must follow to get the most out of this exercise:

1. First, you must use the 3 “P” formula: Your goals must be written and described in the POSITIVE, PRESENT and PERSONAL tenses.

  • PRESENT: Your subconscious mind is only activated by affirmative statements phrased in the present tense. You therefore should write down your goals as though you have already accomplished them. Instead of saying, “I will earn $50,000 in the next 12 months.” You would say, “I earn $50,000 per year.”
  • POSITIVELY: Your goals must be stated positively as well. Instead of saying, “I will quit smoking,” or “I will lose 20 lbs.,” you would instead say, “I am a non-smoker,” or, “I weigh 150 lbs.” Your command must be positive because your subconscious mind cannot process a negative command. It is only receptive to a positive, present tense statement.
  • PERSONAL: The third P stands for personal. From now on and for the rest of your life you write out your goals starting with the letter “I” followed by a verb (action!) of some kind. You are the only person in the universe that can use the word “I” in relation to yourself. When your subconscious receives a command that begins with “I” it is as though the factory floor receives a production order from the head office and goes to work immediately to bring that goal into your reality. Begin each of your goals with phrases such as “I earn…”, “I weigh…”, “I achieve…”, “I win…”, “I drive such and such a car”, “I live in such and such a home”, “I climb such and such mountain” and so on.

2. To add power to your daily written goals add a deadline at the end of your goals. For example, “I earn an average of $5000 per month by December 31, 2xxx.” Your mind loves deadlines and thrives on a forcing system. Even if you don’t know how the goal is going to be achieved always give yourself a firm deadline. Remember, you can always change the deadline with new information, but be sure that you have a deadline like an explanation point at the end of every goal.

Step 3. It’s a test!

This exercise of writing out your 10 goals every single day is a test; the test is to determine how badly you really want to achieve these goals.

Often you will write out a goal and then forget to write it down again. This simply means that you either don’t really want to achieve that goal as much as something else or you don’t really believe that goal is achievable for you. However, the more you can discipline yourself to write and re-write your goals each day the clearer you will become about what you really want and the more convinced you will become that it is possible for you.

When you begin writing your goals you may have no idea how they will be accomplished, but this is not important. All that matters is that you write and re-write them everyday in complete faith knowing that every single time you write them down you are impressing them deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind. At a certain point, you will begin to believe with absolute conviction that your goal is achievable.

Once your subconscious mind accepts your goals as commands from your conscious mind it will start to make all your words and actions fit a pattern consistent with those goals. Your subconscious mind will start attracting into your life people and circumstances that can help you to achieve your goal. Your subconscious mind works 24 hours a day like a massive computer that is never turned off to help bring your goals into reality. Almost without you doing anything your goals will begin to materialise in your life, sometimes in the most remarkable and unexpected ways.

Whenever you write down a new goal of any kind you may be skeptical and doubtful about the likelihood of accomplishing it. You may have the idea in your conscious mind, but you will not have yet developed the total belief and conviction that it is possible for you. This is normal and natural; don’t let it stop you from using this method everyday. All that is required to make this method work is for you to get a notebook and then to discipline yourself each day to write down your ten goals, in the positive, present and personal tense. That is all you need.

In a week, month or a year you will look around you and see that your whole life will have transformed in the most remarkable ways. Even if you’re skeptical about this method, it only requires about 10 minutes per day to try it out for yourself.

Step 4. Multiply your effectiveness!

You can multiply the effectiveness of the 10×10 method with another powerful technique.

First, after you have written down your goal in the positivepresent and personal tense, write down at least 3 actions that you could take immediately to achieve that goal, also in the positive, present and personal tense.

For example if your goal is to earn a certain amount of money, you could write, “I earn $50,000 over the next 12 months.” You can then write immediately underneath…

  1. I plan everyday in advance.
  2. I start immediately on my most important tasks.
  3. I concentrate single-mindedly on my most important task until it is complete.

Whatever your goal you can easily think of 3 action steps that you can take immediately to achieve that goal. When you write down the action steps you program them into your subconscious mind along with the goal. At a certain point you will find yourself actually taking the steps that you wrote down, sometimes without even thinking about it. And each step will take you more rapidly towards your ultimate objective.

CONCLUSION: If you were to just do 1 thing, for 10days…

1. Find a notebook / note app or pad of paper.

2. Write out 10 goals. Write them so clearly that if you were telling a 6yr old, they would understand them AND be able to communicate your goals to someone else.

3. Repeat the following day without looking at the previous day.

4. Do this again, another 8 times.

Once you’ve completed this, you will be propelled to delve deeper, apply actions and maybe even hire a coach to help you achieve them faster!

Psychology of achievement

The following is meant to get you thinking about what brings you happiness
and what areas of your life you’d be better off without.

After reading each statement, think of at least one action to take that would allow you to take it to the next level and move closer toward fully realizing that statement.

1. I enjoy vibrant health and endless energy.

2. I have clear goals and ideals that give purpose to my life.

3. I completely understand myself and why I do the things I do.

4. I sincerely believe that I am becoming everything that I am capable of becoming.