Every person will come to a time in life and feel either fulfillment or despair. For many, they will not realize they are on the path to despair until it is too late. Do not leave something that important to chance! Ensure that you are taking some time to focus on the things in life that fill you up inside, such as quality relationships, service to others, and living with purpose. See the videos below for an idea of the forces that you must battle to win your fulfillment!

“Social media’s design nurtures an addiction, manipulates people’s views, emotions, and behavior, and spreads disinformation, to maximize profit”

“This system is based on a belief that keeping it simple offers the most effective solutions, less is more and 80 percent of our outcomes come from 20 percent of our activities. Something as simple as a breathing exercise for less than 20 seconds, combined with strengthening your thought patterns can begin to impact everything!”

“This is a quick snapshot of the super habit, which will allow you to get started and gain some momentum. There is more depth to the habit, but our goal for the first few weeks or months is simply to get into a rhythm. Here is what we are looking for you to accomplish:”